Fabular: Once Upon A Spacetime is medieval-meets-space 2D Action RPG. It is being developed by Spiritus Games and was Kickstarter funded in July of 2016. The studio is located in Littlehampton, UK. The release date has not yet been announced but is expected in late 2017.


  • Top-down physics based action-combat
  • Procedurally generated locations on an ever-changing map
  • Hundreds of randomly generated text-based events
  • Multiple playable ship types
  • Medieval mixed with Sci Fi


Players will have the option of three ship classes to choose from in Fabular. The Assassin, The Knight or The Alchemist. These represent the player character, similar to a Thief, Warrior or Mage might in other games. More classes will become unlockable during play-through.

The meat of the game is the 'battle phase' during which players will use the skills and equipment on their spaceships to win battles. The outcome depends largely on the ships equipment and condition. Players can learn multiple skill abilities but will only be able to take four of them into battle. Completion of a successful battle will reward the player with items, currency and resources they can use to repair and upgrade their vessels. Resources can also be sold or bought at shops.

The Starmap is the strategic and exploration layer of the game. Players will jump from node to node consuming fuel in the process, which is a crucial resource and acts like food in a traditional Rogue-like game. Upon arriving at a new node, a text-based random event occurs in true FTL fashion. There it is decided if it boils down to the action combat phase, or if there is a solution without a fight.

The goal on the Starmap is to find and defeat the Black Knight of each Realm and liberate it from oppression. You rarely know what dangers await at an unexplored node, but the little baroque sea map-like illustrations help to indicate possible danger or a point of interest in the vicinity.

Items play a big part in defining a ships ‘build’ in a given run. Each item equipped on a ship may give the player passive bonuses, and also active skills that can be used on the battlefield. The number of equip-able items are limited, so players will need to find the right combination of passive and active items with the matching upgrades.




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